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Jackson Hole and A Future Toll?

Axiom President Chuck Cronin presents this article as a “worth the read” authored by his friend and great predictor of future rate and economic trends Gary Carmell – The Philosophical Investor. Fed Chairman Jay Powell spoke last Friday at the Jackson Hole conference for Central Bankers. He was pretty clear that the Fed would remain vigilant […]

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The Squeeze Is On by Gary Carmell 

As this chart shows, the yield continues to invert with 3-month Treasury Bill yields substantially higher than 10-year Treasury Note yields. As I wrote about previously, Fed Chairman Jay Powell discounted traditional yield curve indicators such as the differential between 10s and 3-month T Bills and 10s and 2-year Treasury yields. He found research done by […]

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What Are Rates Going To Do Next?

Written by: Chuck Cronin on 1/26/23 We believe this is a critical question you must consider when developing your Commercial Real Estate (CRE) financing strategy.  Attached please find a 2-page PDF interest rate history graph we think will help; it is plotting:  The Fed Funds Rate (GREEN LINE) from 1954 to 2023. The 10-year treasury […]

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Chuck Cronin on why the Albany region is still favored for CRE investment

Our President and Founder, Chuck Cronin, was recently interviewed by the Albany Business Review regarding why the Albany region is still preferred for Commercial Real Estate (“CRE”) investment despite COVID-19 impacts and it’s economics results.  Click the following link to read the article then visit our website to find more valuable insights on the current […]

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Axiom Capital Corp.: How healthy is today’s real estate market?

Charles Cronin of Axiom Capital Corp. discusses how the longest upcycle in history is impacting the lending environment. Cronin weighs in on the overall health of the commercial real estate lending industry now and what people learned from the 2007/08 financial crisis.     https://rebusinessonline.com/axiom-capital-corp-how-healthy-is-todays-real-estate-market/?oly_enc_id=

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The Current Yield Curve and CRE Investment Decisions

The September 17th, 2018 edition of our Rate Watch included some critical historical perspectives related to interest rates and the often-predictive YIELD CURVE. For Commercial Real Estate (CRE) investors both short and long-term rates drive decision making. Assets that require greater flexibly are often financed with floating rate or shorter 3 to 5-year treasury indexed […]

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