Rate Watch

November 26th Rate Change
Treasury 5 Year 1.165% -9.3%
Treasury 7 Year 1.398% -8.9%
Treasury 10 Year 1.479% -8.0%
November 26th Spread Rate
Swap 5 Year 13.5% 1.30%
Swap 7 Year 4.2% 1.44%
Swap 10 Year 6.1% 1.54%
November 26th Rate Change
LIBOR 1 Month 0.0930% 0.1%
Prime Rate 3.25% 0.0%
Discount Rate 0.25% 0.0%
Federal Funds 0.25% 0.0%
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The word “Axiom” is defined as “an unquestioned principle” or “a self-evident truth”. In 1993, Chuck Cronin founded the company on two guiding “Axioms”. The first was an unrelenting commitment to relationships…the second was the drive to deliver excellent results through diligence, innovation, execution…and simple hard work.

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