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Axiom Capital is a commercial real estate (CRE) finance and advisory firm founded in 1993 by its President, Charles (Chuck) Cronin and headquartered in Clifton Park, NY. Axiom assists clients in analyzing and creatively structuring optimal financing from a wide continuum of creative, value-added financing solutions and loan servicing for Lenders for all commercial property types nationwide.

Axiom Capital lives on and is driven by the axioms (unquestioned principles and truths) of commitment to our relationships and the delivery of excellence through diligence, innovation, execution, and simple hard work. We are continually grateful for our deep-rooted long-term relationships with our clients, capital sources, and correspondents. Axiom has had the honor and challenge of structuring over $10 Billion in debt, equity, and advisory transactions over our Team’s CRE history, easily argued one of the best performing portfolios with a loss ratio of a mere 0.18%. We are confident in measured growth that benefits all the Axiom relationships we are fortunate to enjoy.  Contact Us to see how we can be at the center of your next deal.  We won’t just get it done; we’ll deliver a great deal more.

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When the deal is done, the relationship is not. Axiom shows up. They are unique in their personality, their diligence, and I trust them.

We use Axiom exclusively because they make MY life the easiest. From start to finish.

It’s the personal touch of Axiom in every detail.

They are transparent, honest, and they understand the business.

Axiom knows deals from all points of view. Hands on at every step.

Their market knowledge is strong.

Axiom in our favorite group to do deals with and that’s due to the relationahips that extend beyond transactions.

Axiom pulled off the refinance in great style. And they saved us a boat load of money.