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Operations Manager

Kimberly Cronin

Operations Manager, Licensed R.E. Salesperson, MBA

Kimberly CroninKimberly Cronin re-joined Axiom Capital Corporation in 2012. Kim is Axiom’s Chief Administrative Office and Chief Financial Officer. She is responsible for the implementation and management of core business systems and technologies. She also oversees all marketing, accounting, human resources, and office management activities and is involved in loan servicing, lead generation, and property management. Before joining Axiom, Kim was a Sr. Accountant (Cash Manager) in the Treasury Dept. at the Golub Corporation. The Golub Corporation is the owner of Price Chopper, a regional grocery store chain, who at the time of her employment, had 130 stores in six states and annual sales exceeding $2 billion. Prior to this Kim worked for ten years in various positions in commercial real estate finance at a credit union, an international accounting firm, and at Axiom. Kim holds an MBA from Union Graduate College and graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s of Science, concentrating in Finance, from Siena College. She is a Licensed Real Estate Sales Person.

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