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The Direction of Interest Rates

The Direction of Interest Rates and Knowledge to Aid In Decision Making

Written by: Chuck Cronin on 8/10/23

We get overloaded with information these days. If you have a loan maturing or have a need to finance commercial real estate today, there are many factors that must be considered. We tried to make it easy for you by compiling this 6-Page PDF

We have compiled multiple graphs and predictions from many experts as well as market makers on the direction of interest rates.  VIEW THE 6-PAGE PDF BY CLICKING HERE.  The information has been pulled from various sources such as Bloomberg and Chatham. We hope it provides you with specifics for consideration in your decision making.

The data considers the yield curve historically and going forward, forecast of interest rates, estimates of when the Fed will stop raising interest rates and timing of when they will begin to lower rates.  We wanted to make this information available for your consideration.

You can also view more information on our post “What Are Rates Going To Do Next?”.  

If you have any questions on the information, please feel free to reach out to Chuck Cronin or an Axiom Team member to discuss.